Hubaal Relief Development Organization (HURDO) is local NGO, was founded in  Hiran region, Somalia by local Somali intellectuals and Diaspora Somali community members. The purpose is to provide sustainable livelihoods intervention opportunities to support the most vulnerable communities both in the urban and rural areas of South-Central Somalia consequently will have access to better education, adequate primary healthcare, and employment opportunities, respect the ideals of human rights, peace, good-governance and eventually improved sustainable community development.

The organization is registered under the Somali Interior Ministry in the Department of Humanitarian Affairs.

Subsequent to series of consultative meetings in Beletwiene and out of the town, the founders responded to the urgent need of Somali people and contributed into the emergency humanitarian crisis and development of their country rehabilitation and reconstruction after years of destructive conflicts and successive droughts and famines which led to the total collapse of socio-economic and political institutions.

The vulnerable communities in HIRSHABELE targeted areas and others in general live in extremely poor and under-developed conditions. Their livelihoods are broadly based on subsistence farming and pastoralist with limited opportunity to earn wages.The predominant livelihood systems are:

  • Pastoralist
  • Agro- pastoralist
  • Agriculturalist: agriculture based livelih
  • Fishing
  • Urban Residents and IDPs:

Successive conflicts, droughts and famine had eroded the livelihood scoping mechanisms of these communities. The negative occurrences instigated a huge number of civilian population displaced internally and refugees’ camps in neighboring countries.

HURDO’s humanitarian and development intervention programs are holistic, people-centered, community- based and sustainable. Therefore, sustainable livelihoods approaches are adopted for all HURDO strategic and short-term program focusing Somalia.

HURDO sustainable livelihoods program interventions only add to the current humanitarian and developmental commitments in Somalia, by utilizing principally home-ground solutions to vulnerable community challenges and needs. HURDO corresponds to the existing international and national humanitarian and development strategies.


  • Respects the unique and inherent worth of all individuals.
  • Moral and ethical integrity.
  • People-centered develop
  • Fairness and eq
  • Good governanc
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability to stakeholders.
  • Independenc
  • Communication and colla
  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Community managed sustainable and impact-oriented deve
  • Solidarity with the poor.


HURDO strives to ultimately see as table and economical strong Somali society living in harmony and people respect the ideal soft peace, good governance, rule of law, human rights and sustainable resource management.


Improved and sustaining livelihood of vulnerable communities in Somalia through environmentally sound interventions while focusing on equity, good governance justice, democracy and human rights.


  1. Reduce malnutrition and food insecurity that cause irreparable damage to livelihoods, thereby reducing self-sufficiency through introducing sustainable food security and livelihoods improvement initia
  2. Increase access to education for children from poor and vulnerable groups while streng
  3. Increased sustainable access to safe water and sanitation services for men, women and children in rural and pre-urba
  4. Increase access to primary health care services to vulnerable groups and locations.
  5. Increase public environmental awareness and advocacy through trainings, meetings, media e
  6. Build the capacity of local CBOs, women groups, youth groups in better management practices,service delivery etc.
  7. To enhance education and skills training access to youth and adults to promote employmentopportunities.
  8. Enhance peace building, human rights and democracy prom
  9. Promote and advocate for gender sensitive approaches to enhance women’s rights and girl-child education and strengthen the participation and involvement of women and vulnerable groups in programs and organiza
  10. Strengthen community capacity to cope with future shocks in disaster preparedness andmanage
  11. Improvetheprotectionofandrespectforthehumanrightsanddignityofvulnerablepopulations–with a special focus on IDPs, women, children and marginalized groups – through effective advocacy and the application of rights-based approach across all sectors;
  12. Work with local communities and encourage management practices that conserve local natural resources.


HURDO is governed by statute that sets down all the organizational affairs. The Board of Directors safe- guards the asset so the organization, carries out fund raising and works out the policies and regulations of the organization. The Board of Directors oversees the organization.

The day to day management of the organization is conducted by management team led by the Executive Director.

1-Omar Diriye Mumin                      Chairman

2-C/naasir Maxamed Yusuf              Vise chairman

3-Maxamed Axmed Cali                   BOD Member

4-Juweuriyo Farax Xasan                  BOD Member

5-Zakariye Xaraare Cali                    BOD Member

6-C/casiis Omar Diriye                      BOD Member

7-Axmednur Cali Mumin                 BOD Member

Deputy of CEO
Admin and Finance


Program Coordinator
Program Manager
Admin / HR
Cashier / Treasure
Field Staff
Field Staff


Field Staff


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